Set in a moment Yet still moving

Set in a moment Yet still moving is a series of field notes, which cover the artist’s decade-long engagement with Manora Island, the urban landscape of Karachi and its maritime history.  It also spans a time during which she has inhabited and travelled to other cities; always to return to the island space. 

The reading of field notes becomes a process of recounting ideas that have emerged from specific locales and time frames but have wider resonance in the way the artist thinks about spatiality. Each site becomes a way to critically engage with history and lived experience.

Ideas of historic rupture, atmospheric climate, and borders emerge central to her current concerns.

The reading is performed alongside the filmic projection – Near and far sights/ sites Converge.  

Pdf of reading

credit: Lahore Biennale Reader 01. Design: Kiran Ahmad


Exhibition History:


Debut performance at the Third Text Symposium, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool   

Performance reading with Naheed Bilgrami


Lahore Biennale 01, Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore 

Performance reading with Momin Zafar